Carrying a Burden – An idea from the from the Prsha

In this week’s parsha, when the Torah describes the brothers removing their sacks to prove that the gavia wasn’t inside, the wording used is

וַיְמַהֲרוּ וַיּוֹרִדוּ אִישׁ אֶת אַמְתַּחְתּוֹ אָרְצָה וַיִּפְתְּחוּ אִישׁ אַמְתַּחְתּוֹ:

Why does the pasuk have to emphasize that each person took down their own sack?

In the Sefer Likutei Yehuda, it says that the Torah wants to emphasize to us that each person is sent their own burden(sack) and that only you can handle the burden that is uniquely designed for you.

I’d like to add two points to this idea. When the brothers opened their burden, they found their silver inside. I think that emphasizes that when you open your burden, when you come to terms with accepting and managing your burden, inside your burden you will find your treasure. The second idea I would like to add is, the first time the brothers removed their sacks, one brother was missing. Shimon. Of all the shevatim, the only ones the Torah emphasizes as having a unique bond is Shimon and Levi. Who removes and opens Shimon’s burden when he isn’t there? Levi, Shimon’s closest brother. When you are נושא בעול with your brother, you become able to help him with his burden also.

To my special family, friends and students who have been with us for the past week, both in davening and concern, this dvar torah is dedicated to you.

Zave and Rachel Rudman


One thought on “Carrying a Burden – An idea from the from the Prsha

  1. Hi Rabbi Zev it is your old friend from Bayswater Dovid Adler. How are you doing did every thing go well with your surgery. I think one of my nieghbors knows you his name is Rabbi Reuven Jacobsohn he is friends with Rabbi Baruch Chait and his father is a Doctor semi retired in Shaarie Tzedek Hospital. I have been reading you Devrie Torah for the past couple of weeks and enjoy them very much.
    Well need to start work here in the States hope all is well wiith your family it is always nice to see a post of simcha from you on facebook. You and your Family have a great Shabbat Shalom, speak soon.

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