The Seder of the Seder

The Sfas emes asks: What is lacking in Pesach’s organization that we need a Seder to make it organized? The Sfas Emes says in the name of the Maharal that miracles also have a Seder and that is the organization we are referring to. What does this cryptic statement mean?
The natural world that HaShem created has a Seder. Every day the sun rises in east and sets in west. Our entire lives are based on that concept of Seder. You cannot ignore it, since that is the way the world was created to work.
However miracles seem to not be part of a Seder. By definition a ‘Ness’ is outside of ‘Teva’. However the meaning of the Maharal is to reveal a deeper truth. This idea that miracles are outside the Seder is only correct as we are able to see it in this world. Really when viewed correctly, “yesh Seder l’Nissim”, there is an organized way to understand miracles.
This means that if a Jew gets up on Shabbos morning and turns on the car chas vshalom, nothing should happen. This is because HaShem did not just say that you cannot use fire on Shabbos. The Mitzvot of the Torah are also the blueprint of the world, and just like if I say I do not believe in gravity, that still does not allow me to fly, so this should also be true about the rules of Torah. If someone goes against HaShem’s rules, it is not that the person should be punished, but it just shouldn’t work.
However, HaShem separated Shamayim and Aretz and created a Rakia- a division. Therefore our actions that go against HaShem’s Seder can work in this world, and we can start a car on Shabbos if we choose. We can’t see what is really happening in Shamayim, that there it does not work and the rules of HaShem actually apply. Therefore if one time someone does an Aveira and tries to start their car, and as a result of HaShem’s rules it doesn’t happen, we are amazed and see that as a miracle. But really that is what happens in Shamayim every time. HaShem created this disconnect so we don’t see it happening and when we do see it happening we call it a nes. But even though we call such an event ‘Nissim’- miracles; that is the true Seder of the world.
A way of understanding this is through a parallel in the physical world. If I look at map of the Pacific Ocean there are many tiny little islands scattered across the sea. It seems as if HaShem randomly scattered a handful of sand in middle of the water, and the islands have no organized way by which they are situated. But if would take out the water and look under the surface of the water you see many mountain ranges. The islands are the parts that stick out above the surface of the water and it all makes sense.
The parallel is our world. We see Nissim only when HaShem allows us to see a peak of the Nes pushing its way through the Raki’a. But if I could peel away that veil I would see the whole system and then it would all make sense- all the Nissim.
On the night of Pesach we take individual Nissim and make them into a Seder. HaShem reveals to us the Seder in Shamayim and from there we can begin to understand and how it can lead us to Geulah. In the real world in Shamayim, HaShem runs the world for and around B’nei Yisrael. And on the Seder night we are allowed to remove the curtain and see the real world of HaShem in Shamayim.
The Sfas Emes also presents a second idea about Seder that complements this first idea.
The Pasuk says “ki B’chipazon yatzata miMitzrayim” – you left Mitzrayim hurriedly. HaShem took us out of Mitzrayim and it was if He had said. “Run for your lives” because if we would have remained there for one more second we would have descended to the 50th level of Tumah. The problem is that when you are B’chipazon- running hastily, you cannot understand the depth of all that good that HaShem is doing for you. So when we left Mitzrayim we didn’t have the chance to understand all the Nissim that were done. Even more, we could not have stopped then even if we wanted to, since we had to be B’chipazon. But just as like at the end of any miracle there needs to be a Seudas Hodaya- a way of thanking HaShem, so too on Pesach we make the Seder- a way of being able to slowly and carefully count the Nissim that HaShem did, and thank Him. If you go through the Seder you will see that we count all the Nissim! We make Seder out of what was back then B’chipazon. We break down each nes into its individual parts so that we can thank HaShem because we couldn’t do it back then when we were running for our lives! On the night of Pesach we slowly go through all of Yetzias Mitzrayim so that we can give proper Hodaya and thanks to HaShem.
The definition of Galus- is when we don’t see the hand of HaShem. Geulah is even though you might physically be in Galus, you can still see that HaShem is in charge and it is all running the way He wants it to. When Yaakov told his sons- gather together and I will show you the end of days- he was going to show them that even in the darkest of days, HaShem is with them. Once you know that, it is not Galus anymore- that is Geulah. Because we left Mitzrayim without understanding each aspect of what took place and seeing the hand of Hashem, therefore we remain in Galus. And as long as we don’t recognize the hand of HaShem we still stay in that Galus.
The Jewish calendar seems to be a cycle where year after year we seem to repeat the same rituals over and over. But a deeper understanding is that it is really a spiral. Every year we come to the same place, but hopefully an octave higher, having gone up one level. We need to take what we accomplished in Yitzias Mitzrayim last year and add to it, thereby going up a level in our personal Yitzias Mitzrayim and in the entire Jewish people’s Yitzias Mitzrayim. And if I do this, I have left Mitzrayim on one more level. As a result of all this cumulative Avoda, at some point, when someone clarifies the last point of Yitzias Mitzrayim and shows the Geulah in it, that will then be the last piece of the Geulah of Klal Yisroel. Ki lo B’chipazon yatzanu- as a result of our clarification, this Galus we won’t leave B’chipazon, but we take the lack of clarity and lack of Geulah that we are in and clarify it. And each person who clarifies the original Chipazon contributes to the ultimate Geulah.
Where do we see this in the Hagada?
As is famous in the Hagada there are Arba Banim – the four sons. It would seem that each one is a discreet person, each one depicted in a different vivid picture. And we pat ourselves on the back, that we are the Chacham, rather than any of the others. Actually, each one of us is all four of these sons. They represent through their questions the Galus. Questions are what Galus is all about, since through the questions, we come to the clarity of the Geulah. Even the son who doesn’t know to ask, that itself is the greatest Galus. Each one on a different level questions and tries to understand what the Galus is, even the Chochom. On a certain level each son is parallel to the four exiles of the Jewish people. The purpose of all their questions is that we don’t see HaShem, and what is the purpose of this Galus.
In the Galus of Mitzrayim we were supposed to go through 4 disconnections from HaShem and then leave Mitzrayim with all our questions answered seeing HaShem clearly. This is the meaning of the original plan prophesized at Bris Bein HaBasarimof 400 years of Galus which are the four sons, and the four questions which begin the Hagadah. We are meant to be redeemed through four types of Geulah, which are represented by the four cups of wine. However the Galus was too difficult and we needed to leave Mitzrayim after only 210 years, before answering all the questions. Therefore the Geulah from Mitzrayim was not complete, and we needed to leave B’chipazon. We are now finishing off the Galus of the unfinished 190 years. The night of the Seder – if we learn the Psukim correctly and learn the lessons of Geulah then don’t have to go through it physically, but will reach the understanding by the learning. So the Seder is a gift from HaShem because by learning it correctly, we can save ourselves from the Galus. A person usually needs reason to call to HaShem so HaShem gives them a Nisayon so that we will call out to Him. If we can see HaShem on our own then we do not need to be woken up. If by learning the Seder the proper way we acquire understanding of Yitzias Mitzrayim in the proper way and then we won’t need more Galus. Seder is to bring out aspects of Yitzias Mitzrayim and then that brings BE”H the final Geulah.


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